Productive, friendly, attentive. If you’re seeking an efficient designer with unique perspective to move your project forward, look no further! My experience includes logos, branding, brochures, posters, and more.

My goal with every client is to build quality, lasting relationship and deliver my best possible work. To achieve this goal I have developed a creative workflow that prepares each project to be all that it can be. At the end of each project I provide a thorough project file pack — including source files! — and the transfer of exclusive copyright for project materials. See the steps outlined below to get a sense for my workflow.



The most effective way to achieve a great final product for you is to become familiar with your company, its mission, and other key components of who you are and how you do business. Think of this introspective interview like a friendly, deep conversation about your business.

The Discover step seeks to understand and define your business in order to most efficiently create a high quality final product.


After the Discover step, I will have a solid handle on you, your business, and the mission for this project together and the Explore step can launch! Here is where the creative gears begin turning.

I launch into a thorough brainstorm for your project, followed by a few roughed out concepts. Project concepts are sent to you for review and feedback. I take the concepts and feedback and distill a First Draft.


Finally we find ourselves moving forward in Step Three: Establish! Here your feedback is taken into consideration, and the design continues to evolve toward its final form. After up to three rounds of feedback and revision between client and designer, your Final product is born!

Drafts, feedback, and final file packs include a variety of file types and color modes for various applications such as print, web, and more.


Paterka began designing in 2009 but has always been extremely creative. Starting Design by Paterka in 2016, she has focused on providing local businesses with excellent graphic design service.

In addition to graphic design and creative consulting with Design by Paterka, she runs The Moto Meetup, an online shop specializing in enamel pins, patches, and stickers. Paterka wears every hat there is for The Moto Meetup. Together she and her husband run the Root Cellar Farm, an organic vegetable business in Lewis County. Paterka is the marketing manager, designs and slings vegetables for the farmers market booth, and helps out in the field seeding, weeding, and harvesting.

Paterka was born and raised in Washington state. After three years of study, she earned a Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College in 2013. In 2018 her custom motorcycle was invited to The One Motorcycle Show. Today Paterka continues to demolish goals. She adores animals, carbureted vehicles, and experiencing nature, and is always learning new skills.